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We provide expert services across the globe in the fields of structural and seismic-structural engineering to ensure our clients are provided with the strongest & safest earthquake-resistant solutions. Through our award-winning projects, we use conventional & unconventional methods that are not only innovative, but also highly cost effective. 

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"SSI has been an integral member of our PERRP (USAID, Pakistan Project) team. We are all very pleased with their efforts in the work that they have done for us. They have been responsive, creative and helpful and are ensuring that our facilities include the latest and tested thinking in seismic resistant design. We rely on their help to make this project a success." – Anthony Mirabella, Vice President, CDM Constructors Inc.


"One of the World’s Most Spectacular Projects of Base-Isolated Buildings"

-LARTMC Project, Japan Association of Earthquake Engineering, Beijing


Latest Projects

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Irvine Center, Los Angeles

GGT Building, Malaysia

New upscale 22 story office tower for The Irvine Co. Uses Steel SMRF system....

Jakarta, Indonesia. 28 level steel and concrete framed high rise structure with seismic SI system...

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